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Ten interesting facts about SuperEnalotto
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Italy’s SuperEnalotto has been running since 1997. It attracts players from all over the world due to its large, tempting lottery jackpots. With three draws every week, lottery winners are plentiful, but lottery jackpot winners often remain elusive. This generates rollovers that can last for months, until eventually somebody walks away with the spoils.Here are ten interesting things you might not know about the game:1. The SuperEnalotto is essentially a traditional lottery game using one set of balls. Where it differs from other world lotteries is with the amount of balls used. The SuperEnalotto uses ninety balls - almost double the amount used by other traditional lotteries.2. As with most lottery games of this type, the prizes are sorted into tiers, or levels. Players need to match all six numbers drawn to win the lottery jackpot. Second-tier prize winners are required to match five numbers and the Jolly Number to win.3. The odds of winning the SuperEnalotto jackpot are 1 in 622,614,6304. The largest SuperEnalotto lottery jackpot won to date is €177.8 million back in October 20105. The odds of winning a second-tier prize are 1 in 103,769,1056. The longest jackpot rollover period lasted for almost nine months.7. The odds of winning a third-tier prize are 1 in 1,235,3468. Since 1st January 2012 SuperEnalotto prizes over €500 are taxable at 6%. Prior to this date, all lottery wins, including jackpot, were tax free.9. The odds of winning a fourth-tier prize are 1 in 11,90710. The SuperEnalotto attracts celebrity players including Madonna and George Clooney. Madonna bought 100 lottery tickets for the game whilst on tour in Italy in 2012. She won €120,000 in second-tier prizes , which she plans to use to build schools in Malawi.Why not follow in Madonna’s footsteps and try your luck on the SuperEnalotto? Now it is so simple and easy to buy your SuperEnalotto tickets online at!