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18-year-old EuroMillons winner isn’t your typical millionaire
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18-year-old Jane Park won £1m playing EuroMillions but she isn’t your typical millionaire. She still lives at home with her mother and is yet to buy the white Range Rover she said she’d buy.It was last July when Jane won £1m on EuroMillions at the age of 17 with the very first ticket she ever bought. Since then however not a great deal of her life has changed, though she did get some plastic surgery done and has also treated herself to “nice bags.” The fact she hasn’t learnt to drive explains why she hasn’t gone out and bought a car, but why is she still living in a two-bed flat in Edinburgh with her mother?Well, the EuroMillions winner did buy a luxury new house, but doesn’t like living on her own and moved back home after just two weeks. She now rents out the house, so that’s a bit more income flooding in every month.She also hates clothes shopping, doesn’t dine out at fine restaurants and worries boys are too scared to approach her because of her huge bank balance. Despite the problems caused by her wealth, she realises just how lucky she is. She said: “Maybe I’m not your typical sort of lottery winner as I hate shopping and I don’t like going on holiday to five-star hotels. I am having fun and it's good knowing that I have money and can do whatever I want to do. My trouble is I just need to work out what it is I want to do.”Shopping for designer bags definitely puts a smile on her face and she reckons there are about 50 in her collection now. But even they cause her problems; “They are so nice that when I’m going out, I’m scared I’ll drop and ruin them so I don’t take them on nights out.”Since winning £1m on EuroMillions, the lucky winner has had a couple of holidays and weekends away with her friends. Trips to Newcastle, Aberdeen and Glasgow aren’t quite the destinations millionaires head for though, are they?Whatever you’ll decide to do with your lottery windfall, the first step is to play online with us at