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£1m EuroMillions win will make dreams come true
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Friday’s EuroMillions draw sees players trying to win the record £168m jackpot. Such a win would allow dreams to come true and that’s just what has happened to Helen and Derek Garnett from Cumbria in England after a £1m EuroMillions win in the September 29 draw.The win comes after a tough time for the mother of one who was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year. Thankfully she got the all-clear but then her husband, Derek, snapped a tendon in his leg and had to take three months off his job as a worker at Sellafield which severely hit their finances. But now just after he returned to work the couple have become EuroMillions millionaires. “This is just a dream come true for us,” said Helen. Sonia Davies from Wales was in hospital having a cancer-related operation when discovering she’d won a £61m EuroMillions jackpot.Helen works as a shop assistant at the Northern Line store in Ulverston but has no intention of quitting her job despite her EuroMillions win. That’s just what Cynthia Holman from Cornwall, England, did despite a £169,826 UK Lotto win.There had already been celebrations for Mrs Garnett as she checked the EuroMillions results on her way home from her father’s birthday party. There was an email from Camelot telling her she’d had a good win. “I thought I had probably won two or three pounds,” said the 38-year-old. That’s just like Adam Pryor from Kent in England, who also underestimated the value of his £1m EuroMillions win.Then she rushed upstairs to get her husband to double-check the results, but he was asleep in bed. Her shouting woke him up a bit and then he started shouting after confirming their big win.Helen has already purchased her dream car, a dark grey Mercedes. Last week we told you about Rita Dixon from New York, USA, who also wanted a Mercedes after winning $5m playing the $5 Million Fortune scratch card game.The EuroMillions winners also plan to buy a new home with their winnings which is just what Sinéad Mooney from Ireland did after a €40,000 National Lottery Money Multiplier 10X scratch card win. “We have so much to look forward to now, the choices are endless,” said the lucky EuroMillions winner who can see a much brighter future than the one she could only dream of months ago.If you think you could follow Helen’s footsteps in becoming a lottery winner, why not give it a go with us on