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£1m EuroMillions winner took three weeks to check win
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For three weeks, Jacqui Shannon from Witham in Essex, England, had no idea that she’d won £1m after matching the Millionaire Maker Code in the November 1 EuroMillions draw.Jacqui plays the EuroMillions draw online but when receiving notification of her win, thought it was just another small one. She joked, “Had I known I was a millionaire for those weeks, I wouldn’t have had to how we were going to get my car its MoT.”Kevin Young from Virginia, USA, thought his $7.5m Mega Millions jackpot winning ticket was a loser. Amanda Lewis from Staffordshire, England didn’t initially check the Millionaire Maker Code and nearly missed a $1m EuroMillions win.The mother-of-one is a regular player and tends to purchase a few weeks-worth at a time. A previous £25 win was used to buy the latest batch of tickets. Her win was finally discovered as she was getting ready for her job as a business support manager. While chatting to a work colleague she saw the message informing her of the £1m win.“I calmly said to my colleague, ‘sorry, could you hold that thought’ and ran out of the room into the corridor to ring Camelot.” Jacqui admits to going “a little crazy in the corridor – leaping about and squealing – and then went back to my desk as calmly as possible.” The EuroMillions winner didn’t want word to get around until the money was safely in her bank account.“It was certainly one occasion when my schoolgirl drama training came in handy, as I did my level-best to look calm and collected while inside I was screaming ‘I’m a millionaire.’ She joked.The lucky winner comes from the same county as Adrian and Gillian Bayford, who won a £148m EuroMillions jackpot.She plans to “live the dream” and wants to buy a new BMW 320 for her husband and a Mini for herself. The week before their EuroMillions win, the couple set up a savings account for their son so that will be greatly boosted. A trip to visit her sister in Dubai is also on her spending list and possibly buying a new home. Gary Brand from Essex was part of a £5.2m UK Lotto winning syndicate.Despite her big EuroMillions win, she has no intention of quitting her job. That’s like John Doherty from Scotland who’s still working after his £14.67m UK Lotto win.To get a chance of also becoming a winner, play online with us at