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$1m Scratchcard Winner Forgets One Important Task
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$1m Scratchcard Winner Forgets One Important Task

The excitement of winning a $1m Winning Millions scratchcard prize almost caused chaos for a man from Michigan, USA. He was so thrilled with his windfall that he left the gas station not realising his car was still attached to the gas hose.

He just loves that scratchcard

The Genesee County player has asked to remain anonymous. State rules allow any person who wins more than $10,000 to not have to reveal their identity. We do know the winner is 59 years old.  He has spoken about his scratchcard win and the amazing incident at the Speedway gas station in Fenton.

His main task was to buy some gas but also purchased a Winning Millions scratchcard. It’s been his favourite game to play, and he probably loves it even more now. After making his purchase, he returned to his card and was eager to see if he’d won anything.

Are You Kidding Me?

“When I saw I'd matched the number 14 and then revealed the $1 million amount underneath, I started yelling, 'Are you kidding me?!” he recalled.Everything else seemed to pale into insignificance.  He forgot about his car being filled up with gas and just drove away.

Driving off with the gas pump still attached is in fact a common occurrence. Pumps have now been manufactured that just break away if this happens. Mind you, if any damage had been caused, the scratchcard winner has enough cash now to pay for it.

He has opted to accept his scratchcard win as a one-time lump sum of $634,517.  He has been playing Michigan Lottery games since they first began in 1972.Finally, he “won big” and says his win is “life-changing.” His win is the third and final $1m top prize on the Winning Millions scratchcard. There are still eight $20,000 prizes left to be won.

The lucky winner already has plans on how to spend his winnings. A new home is on his shopping list, and he also wants to buy a new car. Not one that is attached to a gas hose though. A holiday is also planned when travel restrictions ease.

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