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2013 - A Stellar Year For the EuroJackpot
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The EuroJackpot continues to grow in it’s success following its establishment over two years ago now, and 2013 was fantastic year for the lottery game.Introduced to the world lottery circuit in March 2012, the European lottery game was created in order to compete with the EuroMillions which was already a well-established and hugely popular Europe-wide lottery.The EuroJackpot extended its member countries from eight to 14 within its first year in existence, and now after being on the European lottery market for over two years the Euro Jackpot has become a record breaker and has paid out impressive jackpot prizes. There are plans to expand the member countries further in 2014, which would only see the EuroJackpot continue to grow in strength.The year 2013 was a fantastic one for the EuroJackpot as many records were reported, which increased its prominence further in the European lottery world. Over €445 million worth of prize money was shared by 22 million winners across Europe throughout the year, while more than €200 million of that went towards jackpots for those lucky winners who managed to match all five main numbers as well as the two EuroNumbers.As well as this, the highest ever EuroJackpot prize was seen in 2013, when €46 million in April was taken home by a winner in Germany, the largest lottery prize ever paid out in Germany. The equivalent record in Finland was also broken during this year when an attractive jackpot of €29.5 million was paid out in January.Pay outs like these have given the EuroJackpot a reputation for being one of the most rewarding lotteries in Europe, with over 100 of the EuroJackpot wins in 2013 exceeding €100,000 in value.The EuroJackpot draw takes place every Friday night in Helsinki, so give yourself a chance of getting in on the prizes but purchase your tickets online at