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Mega Millions can make your dreams come true

Mega Millions is the biggest and best American lottery game. Starting out in just six states in 1996 before growing to a massive 42 by 2013, it’s not called Mega Millions for nothing – handing out North America’s biggest-ever lottery jackpot of $656 million dollars. That’s a huge amount of money; but how do the lucky few spend their Mega Millions winnings?

With jackpots starting at a massive $12million, it’s clear that a little Mega Millions goes a long way. For that kind of money you could buy more than four million Coney Island hot dogs, or two million bowls of Massachusetts clam chowder. Not to mention the spacious Beverly Hills mansion that could be yours.

While we all fantasise about what we’d do with a million dollars, in reality deciding what to buy after a windfall can be tricky. It could be something as simple as a new set of tires, a bedroom makeover or a new car. Want to live like a celebrity? Try flying anywhere and everywhere you want to go – first class, of course.

Some winners use their newfound wealth to take care of things close to home; paying off a mortgage, looking after elderly relatives or taking the kids on a trip of a lifetime. Whatever your dream, a big Mega Millions win can make it happen many times over. Some Lottery players also donate significant sums of money to good causes; more than $23billion has been donated to education so far.

Want to join the winners? Purchase your Mega Millions lottery tickets online at; match all six numbers and it could be you! And even if you don’t scoop the jackpot, there are other prizes ranging from $2 to $250,000 dollars. Time to get playing!