National Lottery Winners Help Baby Basics Charity

National Lottery Winners Help Baby Basics Charity

National Lottery Winners Help Baby Basics Charity

National Lottery winners from England have been helping a charity that gives assistance to newborn babies and their mothers.

Help has been given to the charity Baby Basics which is based in Lowestoft, Suffolk. They help provide mothers with toiletries, toys and clothes for their newborn babies.

More vital than ever

Judith Goddard is the co-founder of the charity and said the help they provide is “more vital than ever.” When beginning in 2016 they helped 50 people but it was 400 last year.

The National Lottery winners who helped out come from Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. They helped the charity by filling the kits and also hand sew washbags.

One of the National Lottery winners helping out were £1 million winners Daniel and Charlotte Peart from Peterborough in Cambridgeshire. Charlotte recalled how finding out about their win in 2019 was like dreaming and there were plenty of tears shed. Convincing her husband they’d won the lottery  wasn’t easy though.

With their winnings the couple now lead a comfortable life. Charlotte added that now they “can do things that we wouldn’t have originally have done.”

Helping the charity is important to her. Mrs Peart said that it’s “really hard” looking after babies, especially your first. “You think you have everything but you haven't, you're always missing something.”  The help that Baby Basics gives means there is “one less  thing that mums have to worry about."

Still working

Also helping out was 61-year-old Craig Harrison from Lowestoft. He recently won £100,000 every month thanks to a National Lottery scratchcard. Despite his win he’s continued working and hopes that he’ll be able to give more help to the charity in the future.

It was 19 years ago when Christine and Graham Howlett from Lowestoft (a lucky place to play the National Lottery) won £2.2 million. Mrs Howlett has always helped charities and has been busy making all 27 of the toiletry bags. They are now both in their 60s but their win enabled them to retire in their 40s and buy their two daughters houses.

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