Wine Business Opened by Newly Engaged £148m EuroMillions Winner

Wine Business Opened by Newly Engaged £148m EuroMillions Winner

Wine Business Opened by Newly Engaged £148m EuroMillions Winner

£148 million Adrian Bayford has had a busy life since his EuroMillions jackpot. He’s now starting his own wine business.

It was in 2012  that he won the EuroMillions jackpot with his then wife Gillian. The couple split up 15 months after their win.

Now he’s planting what are believed to be Meunier grape vines on his country estate. That’s in Haverhill which is on the Sussex border with Essex, England.

That kind of grape is one of the three main ingredients that are used to produce champagne. However, he wouldn’t be able to use the name champagne for his end product as it’s not being made in that area of France.

Engaged again

Mr Bayford hasn’t just been busy in the business world. He’s now engaged to be married to Tracey Biles, 45. They became engaged last December and are due to marry this summer. It’s his fourth proposal since winning the EuroMillions jackpot twelve years ago.

Last year saw him try to sell the Haverhill estate. It was on the market for £12 million but didn’t attract any buyers.

Chateau Bayford

One of his friends can’t wait to taste what is produced. “Hopefully we’ll all be able to buy Chateau Bayford soon,” they joked.

Will the new project be a success? Jane Clare writes the wine blog ‘One Foot in the Grapes’ and believes it could do well. The warmer climate in the UK can “create quality sparkling wines,” she said.

It’s the latest  business venture by the EuroMillions winner.  Previous projects have included a record shop, a pub and running a music festival.

His ‘mini Glastonbury’ music festival was held in Cambridge in  2017 and 2018. It ran into trouble last year when he was unable to get a licence from the local council. It’s hoped the festival will be held this year.

In 2023 he began renting out a cottage as an Airbnb. That was available for £110 a night, a figure close to what he earns in interest from his jackpot win in just 13 minutes.

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