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The Italian SuperEnalotto is Italy’s most popular lottery game, and has been played nationally since 1997. Despite undergoing some changes in structure since its establishment, it has remained a stable Italian Lottery game.

The SuperEnalotto requires players to match the six main numbers in the SuperEnalotto draw, and the numbers range from 1 to 90, giving players odds of 1 in 622.6 million to win the jackpot. If we compare this to your chances of winning the UK Lotto jackpot at 1 in 13,983,816 we can see how the Italian lottery is considerably more difficult to win.

This does mean, however, that the lottery jackpots for the SuperEnalotto are considerably higher than for most national lotteries, and it has no rollover cap, meaning that the jackpot will continue to grow and grow until it is won, and the Italian Lottery has broken records in the past. The biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot to date was an impressive €177 million, which was won by a single player in October 2010, while the biggest jackpot for the UK Lotto was a poor £42 million in comparison, won between three lotto players in January 1996.

So, do you fancy yourself in one of the most competitive and possibly rewarding lotto games in Europe? The Italian lottery is drawn every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8pm Central European Time, and it is open to players from other countries as well as Italy. You can purchase your SuperEnalotto tickets online at, so you don’t even need to visit Italy in order to play their national lottery. Go on, have a go! You never know, you could be the one person out of 622,614,630 people to get lucky!