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As well as taking part in two European lotteries, spreading several big wins across the country, Germany have their own twice-weekly national Lottery, the 6 aus 49 Lotto which is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday.

A little known fact is that the Germans have been running official lotteries for hundreds of years, and the current national lotto game has been drawing for over 50 years. Maestros for the lottery, are you thinking? They do boast one of the largest jackpots in Europe, with €45.4 million won by three separate tickets in December 2007. Though some other European lotteries have overtaken Germany’s record jackpot in style, particularly the Italian SuperEnalotto, which has no rollover cap, and which got a largest single-ticket jackpot of €177,7 million, and the pan-European EuroMillions, which has paid out prizes over €100 million countless times.

The German lotto, however, does have an impressive history.

The first lotteries as we know them were started in Southern Germany in 1470 and spread into northern Germany in the 16th Century. Prizes in these lotteries were predominantly merchandise, and the first class lottery paying out money as prizes wasn’t established until 1610, in Hamburg. Over 100 years later, in 1763 the first lotto was established in Berlin, spreading quickly throughout other German cities until over 20 of Germany’s most influential cities got familiar with this new gambling trend which became quite controversial compared to the old fashioned class lotteries.

After the German unification in 1871, lottery treaties were signed amongst states, where states that held lotto games agreed not to sell their tickets in other states, and those that had dropped their lotteries agreed not to re-instate. The many different German state lotteries co-existed until 1938, when they were merged into a single lotto as part of the Nazi regime, which was then halted in 1945. The modern day German lotto ‘6 aus 49’ was established in Western Germany in 1955 and is successful still to this day.

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