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The EuroMillions lotto has a long and proud history of super jackpot prizes. It is one of Europe’s most popular lotteries. The EuroMillions draws have given Europe some notable jackpots, for example:

€ 190 million (Adrian & Gillian Bayford, Suffolk, England)

€ 187,5 million (shared between two anonymous tickets in Ireland/Belgium)

€ 185 million (Colin & Chris Weir, Glasgow, Scotland)

€ 169 million (Anonymous ticket in France)

€ 162 million (Anonymous ticket in Calvados, France)

€ 132 million (Anonymous ticket in Seine-et-Marne, France)

€ 129 million (Nigel Page & Justine Laycock, Cirencester, England)

€ 126 million (Unnamed 26 year-old Spanish Woman)

€ 121 million (Francisco Delgado Rodriguez, Sevilla, Spain)

€ 117 million (Dave & Angela Dawes, Wisbech, England)

The EuroMillions draws have created, in the ten examples above, over a billion euros in prize money. The EuroMillions jackpots have, if the ten biggest examples above are anything to go by, fallen on three countries predominantly: the UK, Spain and France. The biggest UK jackpot winner was Colin & Chris Weir (their winnings, due to the exchange rate between the pound and the euro, beat Adrian & Gillian Bayford) who walked away with £ 161 million pounds.

The EuroMillions lottery has created, since its launch in 2004 through the amalgamation of domestic lotto operators, nearly 2,382 EuroMillions millionaires.

Furthermore, in the UK, there have been additional Millionaire Raffle winners. According to Camelot, the raffle creates 121 new millionaires in the UK every year.

Now that you can see clearly the big jackpots available you need to try the EuroMillions lotto. The game is played in twelve EU countries (including Spain, Ireland, France, Belgium, UK and more) and has the chance to make you as rich as a rock super star.

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