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Lotto 6 aus 49 pays a whopping €24 million jackpot

Yesterday, the Lotto 6aus49 draw made one, or possibly more, lucky German resident spectacularly wealthy since a lucky Lotto 6aus49 ticket holder netted €24.1 million after seven consecutive weeks of rollovers. Thus, the Lotto 6aus49 lottery continued the long tradition of making Germans (and any online game player) incredibly rich! The Lotto 6aus49 is Germany’s premier domestic lotto game. The game rules are quite simple – match 6 numbers and a ‘SuperNumber’ and win big. This simplicity has resulted in hundreds of individuals and syndicates winning big Lotto 6aus49 jackpots.

This Lotto 6aus49 jackpot is the second largest jackpot of the year. As such, the €24.1 million Euro jackpot could completely change the winners’ life. The prudence and practicality that the German people are famed for could be ill-fitting for such a win. Therefore, what could a multi-millionaire jackpot winner do with his or her winnings in Germany?

The Economist, in September 2011, reported that Germany has the third highest tax rate for the wealthy in the entire Eurozone. The average wealthy German, someone with €2 million annual income, pays around 43.2% in tax. Therefore, the first thing this lucky jackpot winner must do is protect his or her winnings – and maybe think about Germany’s tiny neighbour, Lichtenstein. This tiny principality – outside of the EU – is a banking and tax haven. According to the OECD, around 1,1 million Germans have Lichtenstein accounts.

So, the boring stuff aside, what can you do to enjoy yourself? What about a Rhineland Castle? That’ll set you back €12 million Euros. And a Berlin Potsdam Apartment for €5,5 million? Perhaps you want an eco-friendly glass house in Munich for €8,8 million? Do you like cars? Germany is renowned for its cars. What make to chose from, a BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz? Then, if you like shopping, Berlin is one of Europe’s premier shopping destinations, offering a wide variety of boutiques and stores.

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