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The EuroMillions lottery jackpot has been rolling over for a good few weeks now, and has been completely without a top prize winner throughout the festive period. However, despite the EuroMillions being famous throughout its member countries for offering spectacularly high jackpot totals and creating some very rich lottery players since its founding in 2004, the EuroMillions in the UK also offers a Millionaire Raffle, for which every ticket holder is automatically entered.

On purchasing a single entry, the ticket holder is automatically given an entry into the raffle, which guarantees to create one UK Millionaire for every single EuroMillions draw that takes place. However, on the draw set to take place in Paris on Tuesday, 31st December 2013, the UK organisers of the EuroMillions lottery are guaranteeing to create 25 new millionaires across the country. The lucky winners will become aware of their new status when they wake up on New Year’s Day.

The Millionaire’s Raffle has been extremely popular in the UK since it was introduced in November 2009, and has seen much excitement surrounding the new chances to win. Throughout 2013 many EuroMillions players have won in the raffle, and we have seen a Millionaire Raffle ticket go unclaimed in Bedford, when sadly the ticket bought on July 27th was not brought forward to the organisers before the six month deadline.

We have also seen a mother from Runcorn use her newfound fortune to bring joy and laughter to autistic children thanks to her UK Millionaire Raffle win. Kelly Caldwell decided to bring happiness to the lives of others as well as to herself and her family as she donated sacks full of gifts to Halton Autistic Family Support Group, stating that ever since her win in April she had wanted to be able to give something back to the community where she is bringing up her daughter.

The Millionaire Raffle is well worth buying a ticket for, and next year it could be you who is bringing joy to your community! Purchase your EuroMillions lottery tickets online now at