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The final May drawing of the EuroMillions lottery game took place last night, but no winner was able to capitalise on the offered £64 million jackpot by matching all of the drawn numbers.

As the numbers were drawn in Paris, ticket holders were clutching their slips of paper, hoping against hope that they would get lucky at the end of the month, however there was nobody in the Europe wide lottery game who matched all of the five main numbers 5, 24, 27, 41 and 45 as well as both of the Lucky Stars 6 and 7. The jackpot, worth £64 million last night, will now roll over for the next draw on Tuesday, June 3rd, when it will be worth an estimated £71 million.

This is sure to make next week an interesting week when it comes to the European lottery, as Friday June 6th is set to play out this year’s second EuroMillions superdraw, where a total jackpot of at least £80 million will be on offer, regardless of whether or not the jackpot in won in the preceding draw on Tuesday. This could mean two big winners in one week for Europe’s most popular lottery.

However, while nobody may have won the big money last night, there were five tickets across the continent that matched all of the five main numbers and one out of the two Lucy Stars to win the second tier prize, worth £250,320 for each of those lucky ticket holders. There were also eight tickets that matched just the first five main numbers, and each of those individuals earned themselves £52,150.

Of course, there will be one UK winner who found themselves a millionaire this morning as the Millionaire Raffle game took place as normal last night, guaranteeing one UK millionaire for every EuroMillions draw. So here’s hoping that next week makes some of the EuroMillions biggest fans some of the EuroMillions’ biggest winners.

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