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Wyoming’s first lottery ticket to be sold this weekend as state gains entry to Powerball and Mega Millions

Wyoming has finally become a part of the USA’s two multi-state lotteries, and to celebrate its entry into the Powerball and Mega Millions, the state’s first lottery ticket will be sold on Sunday, August 24th.

Lottery officials from Wyoming have announced that the first ticket will be purchased at noon on Sunday by Mary Ogg, from Sheridan. The Lottery held a competition that was created to promote the launch of the Wyoming Lottery, and the winner across the state won the pleasure of buying the very first lottery ticket.

Ms Ogg also won a 2014 Jeep Wrangler and free Mega Millions tickets for a year. Out of 27,000 entrants in the giveaway competition, Ms Ogg is a 67 year old grandmother who never expected to win anything in her life, and in fact she rarely enters contests because she doesn’t believe there is any point.

Ms Ogg was then able to choose which store she will buy the ticket from, and she chose a Holiday Station store in Sheridan because she buys most of her fuel there “so it made sense to pick a store that I go to,” she said. Ms Ogg has lived in Wyoming since 1969, when she moved to the state to teach at an elementary school. Together with her husband Max, whom she met in Wyoming, she has moved out of the state for work but returned to retire in Sheridan in 1998.

Along with Ms Ogg, who won the Grand Prize and the chance to purchase the first Wyoming Lottery ticket, there were another eight winners in the prize draw who each won $1,000 and free Mega Millions tickets for a year. These eight winners were drawn from each of the state’s geographical areas.

To celebrate the launch of the Wyoming Lottery, the beginning of Powerball and Mega Millions sales in the state and the occasion of the first ticket sale, the lottery is hosting a free BBQ with live music at the Holiday Station in Sheridan, and the event is open to the public.

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