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Eurojackpot opens up to new countries

More countries and higher jackpots is the order of the day as the EuroJackpot game continues to expand with three new countries joining this week.

The EuroJackpot lotto game was launched in March 2012 and initially had just seven nations playing, by this year the game had become the fastest growing lottery in the world. It’s often the case that where there is growth, change is not far behind and that’s definitely the case for EuroJackpot.

The number of countries playing the game had already doubled to fourteen, namely Germany, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark and Estonia and from last October 10th, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia joined. This means that EuroJackpot now has a reach of 270m compared to EuroMillions 217m.

It’s not just the number of participating countries that changes from this week. Players have often complained that the jackpots in the game simply aren’t large enough compared to other lotteries. So from this week there are some fundamental changes which should change this and result in much higher jackpots.

The game initially had 50 main balls from which five are drawn. In addition there were also eight Euro Numbers with two drawn out. Under the new rules there are no changes to the main numbers but there are now ten Euro Numbers.

The addition of the two extra Euro Numbers makes winning the jackpot a bit more difficult but this will allow more rollovers and the much desired higher jackpots. Before the changes were made the odds of winning the jackpot were 1 in 59,325,280 but now it’s 1 in 95,344,200. There are also some changes to some of the prize tiers, while the maximum and minimum jackpot sizes are unchanged.

The largest ever EuroJackpot win took place last month when a player from Espoo in Finland won €61.17m. In April another Finnish player won a €47.351m jackpot.

The EuroJackpot draw takes place every Friday and the top prize for the draw on Friday October 17th is €13 million.

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