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Washington woman claims $1 million Mega Millions prize

A woman from Washington, D.C., has claimed a top prize in the multi-state lottery game, taking home a windfall worth $1 million after winning a draw last month.

The woman, who has not yet been named by D.C. lottery officials, won’t be named until she has revealed herself at lottery headquarters and officially exchanged her ticket for the lottery prize. The woman made her million on the September 9th drawing of the Mega Millions, matching the five main numbers in the draw which automatically won her the $1 million prize.

Lottery officials have said that they have spoken to the woman, who confirmed that the code printed on the bottom of her ticket matched the code of the winning ticket, and so they are waiting with anticipation for the woman to officially make her claim. According to a spokesperson for the D.C. Lottery the woman had purchased several lottery tickets for the draw from the Palisades Deli and Market on MacArthur Boulevard, and added them to a stack of other unchecked lottery tickets.

It wasn’t until she saw on the television some news that no one had claimed the prize won in the area that she wondered whether hers might be the missing ticket. Lottery officials said that when the woman first got in touch, she expected to have won a prize worth $250,000, and was shocked to her core when she discovered that she was in fact a millionaire.

Despite it seemingly being a long time for the woman to come forward, lottery officials have said that it isn’t uncommon for large prize winners to take their time as they claim, and they have 180 days to do so in the District of Columbia. Lottery winners are advised to spend time talking to family, lawyers and financial advisors before claiming their money, so that they can ensure that they are legally and mentally ready for becoming so wealthy.

According to D.C. lottery headquarters, the District sees on average four $1 million lottery winners in the Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries every year.

The next estimated jackpot for the draw which will take place on Friday October 24th is $224 millions, so don’t forget to buy your tickets online at