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The SuperEnalotto, famous for its many rollovers and its high level of popularity in Italy, has finally been won this weekend by one ticket holder in Sassuolo, in the Italian province of Modena.

The lottery player, who may never reveal their identity, matched the numbers 22, 25, 55, 58, 82 and 85 to take home the top prize this weekend of €40,192,368.22 after the SuperEnalotto lottery had been rolling over for quite some time. The player, who purchased their ticket in a town famous for its ceramic industry, is thought to be either an immigrant or a local hit hard by the economic slowdown.

Sassuolo, a town in the Emilia Romagna region, was hit hard by the recession as it is a city that relies heavily on its industrial centre, and therefore, despite being filled with Italian beauty, it is a city that has felt an influx of foreign immigrants recently and is full of those striving to continue making a living from their ceramics industry. The SuperEnalotto winner could well be a tile maker, as despite the industry taking a turn, it remains one of the most important tile making centres in the world.

As well as the big winner, people in Sassuolo and the rest of Italy will also be talking about over 34,000 other lottery players who won consolation prizes in the big game. Now that the jackpot has been won, the SuperEnalotto jackpot will revert back to its usual starting price of €11.5 million, and it will next be drawn on Tuesday, November 25th.

The SuperEnalotto wasn’t the only jackpot to be won on Saturday night, as the UK Lotto players were also able to take home some big prizes. After a double rollover, the jackpot on Saturday night was worth £7,584,256 and four UK Lotto ticket-holders split the top prize, taking home £1,896,064 each after matching numbers 2, 3, 5, 15, 22 and 29.

The Powerball lottery was also drawn along with those in Italy and the UK, but no player matched the drawn numbers to take home the $70 million top prize, sending the jackpot to rollover to $80 million in the next game on Wednesday, November 26th.

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