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The customers of the lottery shop nº 3 of Castellón bet on the same Spanish Christmas lottery numbers played by Carlos Fabra, the former president of the Council and of the political party of the province. In 2008, ‘La Lledonera’ (as the lottery shop is called) sold all series of the number 87657 and distributed €110 million, out of which 2 million went to Fabra.

Lottery shop nº 3 of Castellon already received many requests to buy the same numbers which were played by Carlos Fabra, who received €2 million after buying El Gordo de Navidad tickets in this lottery retailer shop.

This was confirmed by the owner of the lottery shop, Carlos Felip, who said that Carlos Fabra is fond of buying lottery tickets, both in his shop and in many others.

The lottery vendor added that Mr Fabra still has a subscription as a customer at his shop, both for different Spanish Christmas lottery numbers and for other games as well, and that he has a preference for numbers whose last digit is 7. Carlos Felip assured that since the news spread that Fabra was a customer of his shop, “La Lledonera”, and that he also received a prize of 2 million euros in the “El Niño” draw of 2008, many people have come to his premises to purchase the same numbers that Fabra plays, especially in view of the El Gordo de Navidad and of the “El Niño”lottery.

The dates of death of the Duchess of Alba and the entry into prison of Isabel Pantoja have also become some of the most sought after numbers for the Spanish Christmas Lottery. However, it is not possible to acquire the number 201,114, (the Duchess of Alba died last November 20) because the numbers go up to 99,999. Thus, players have opted for number 20,114 that somehow contains the same digits.

On the other hand, the entry into prison of the popular singer was not only a big media story, but influenced the Spanish Christmas Lottery numbers too. Since the news became public in the early hours of Friday, November 21, those interested in these type of numbers started searching. As it is not possible to find a number that reflects the date as it is, 211,114, as with the case of the Duchess’ death, players have looked for similar numbers, so that the demand for 21,114 has increased from Spanish Christmas lottery players.

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