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One Canadian lottery winner is running out of time to claim their prize, as the $50 million Lotto Max jackpot will expire on March 14th.

The winning ticket, which was purchased more than eleven months ago, won one of the largest ever jackpot prizes when it scored the $50 million booty, and it is also the longest any major lottery jackpot has gone unclaimed in Canada. The ticket was purchased in Langley, in British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada, and a spokesperson for the B.C. lottery said that speculation and rumour has been rife for almost a year now.

Rumours in the area have included the idea that the Canadian Lotto Max ticket was purchased by a minor, who is not legally allowed to either purchase the ticket or claim the lottery prize. Another rumour that has been making the rounds is that the owner of the ticket has unfortunately passed away, and the winning $50 million prize is somewhere buried among possessions that need to be sorted through.

Of course, there is always the chance that the winner has been keeping the ticket safe until they are ready to claim, and that they will come forward to Lotto Max officials with just minutes to spare. Lottery officials worry, however, that the winning Lotto Max ticket was not checked properly, and therefore it has been thrown out with the garbage.

Despite the actual winner having not yet come forward, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been people calling the B.C. lottery headquarters, claiming that they are the winners of the huge prize. There have also been people calling to declare that they purchased and then lost the winning ticket, but not one of these calls have come out of security checks as the verified winner.

The mystery Canadian Lotto Max ticket has also been at the centre of a civil law suit filed by a pharmacy worker, who claimed that her co-worker was hiding the winning ticket that had been purchased with their workplace pool money. The winning numbers for the $50 million prize were 3, 4, 5, 7, 31, 33, 40 and a bonus number of 49. The ticket holder has until Saturday to come forward.

Just one month ago there was another $50m Lotto Max win, that was claimed in Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

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