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New Zealand Lotto winners stay at work to keep from becoming overwhelmed

A pair of lottery winners from the South Island of New Zealand have won a jackpot worth $12.3 million on the New Zealand Lotto, but have not quit their jobs in a bid to stay grounded.

The winning pair, whose ticket for the May 6th Big Wednesday New Zealand Lotto won the top prize, have chosen to remain anonymous, only revealing that they are from a city on the South Island of the country. Many New Zealand lottery winners choose to keep their identities private just like the New Zealand Powerball winner from January. However, they have happily shared details about how their lives have changed since the big win.

The New Zealand Lotto winners have been friends since high school, and have bought tickets for the Lotto draws together every week. This winning ticket in particular was purchased in Auckland, and the winners have said that ever since they discovered their win it has all been a bit of a blur.

“It hits me randomly out of the blue and I think ‘Wow, yes, this is really happening,’” said one of the winners this week, adding that they have been keeping their win quiet for now. “We’ve only told a handful of people so far. Everyone has been so excited for us and said it couldn’t have happened to nicer people.”

Despite now both being multi-millionaires, the New Zealand Lotto winners have continued to work full time, five days a week, but they have said that they find it easier to become distracted during the working day. “There’s a lot more to dream about during the day now,” said one of the winners, continuing: “I must’ve furnished the house 10,000 times over in my head already.”

Both of the winners said that staying at work is the best way for them to keep busy, but it is nice to know that they can leave if they want to. Not wanting to splash out on frivolous purchases, both players said that they will be spending their New Zealand Lotto winnings wisely, and they will also be helping out their family and friends.

“Neither of us has really thought about material things just yet,” said one of the winners, continuing to say that travelling and a new house will be on the list, but other than that her mind is still struggling to take in the new reality.

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