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Lottery officials are constantly reminding players, you have to be in it to win it, but that doesn’t stop certain people from attempting to scam lottery hopefuls with false claims of winning.

Not long after a lottery scam using the names of big UK EuroMillions winners Richard and Angela Maxwell was in the news, another EuroMillions scam has been uncovered in Fife, as a lottery hopeful in Scotland received what he described to be a very realistic looking letter. David McCann, 56, from Springfield in Fife, said that he received a trustworthy looking letter from the “EuroMillions People’s International Postcode Lottery”.

The letter, despite claiming to be from a lottery game which does not in actual fact exist, featured the official EuroMillions logo and said that Mr McCann had been selected from a ballot of more than 70 million people to win the prize worth £720,000. According to the letter, the cash is being paid out as part of a promotion of the first “European Games in Azerbaijan.”

However, despite a lottery win being something that many winners go public with, the fake EuroMillions letter asks Mr McCann to keep it away from the public eye. “Please to help us proceed with your claims this information must be kept away from public to avoid unwarranted abuse of the program of fraudulent acts from criminal minded and unauthorised persons,” it reads, something which would be suspicious to most savvy lottery players.

Mr McCann said that despite the letter looking very real, he wasn’t fooled because he had heard about scam letters before, his main concern being how his name and address details were released in order for him to be contacted. However, luckily for Mr McCann he was shrewd enough to know that his EuroMillions letter was a scam, but he went on to say that his worry now is that other people may fall victim.

“Due to the fact it looks quite genuine, other folk could be taken in by this if they didn’t know any better, especially elderly people or those who aren’t as aware of these sort of scams,” he said. A police spokesperson urged lottery players to remain vigilant when it comes to receiving these types of propositions, and to remember that you have to be in it to win it!

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