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New Zealand Powerball officials reveal luckiest lottery number

Lotto New Zealand have announced which number has been the luckiest in the Powerball lottery so far this year, and that number is 9.

However, while you may think that the number 9 has been drawn the most often, in actual fact it has been chosen as the luckiest number after winning two players jackpot prizes worth more than $15.2 million between them. And as the Powerball Lotto reaches $20 million this week, Lotto New Zealand announced that the number 9 is the one to look out for.

The number 9 became lucky from the very first draw of the year, as it won a retired truck driver from Pukekohe a New Zealand Powerball top prize worth more than $10 million. The truck driver, who remained anonymous after this big lottery win, received his ticket as a thank you gift from a friend just a few days before the draw took place.

“Every now and again I buy my close friends a Lotto ticket while we’re out to say thanks for all their help,” said the friend at the time, as he added that the winner’s ticket was never going to be anybody else’s as he had asked the clerk at the store to write initials on the backs of the tickets.

As well as the winner from Pukekohe, the Powerball 9 has also made another winner’s dreams come true in New Zealand as the number came up again in February and made Valentine’s day extra special for one couple. The second winners with Powerball 9 were from Tauranga, and they kept the ticket hidden away after they realised that they had won, saving it until they were ready to make a claim.

“My wife put the ticket in her handbag and hid the bag in the wardrobe in our bedroom. As we climbed into bed she turned to me and said ‘If anyone tries to steal it tonight, I’ll kill them’”, the winner told New Zealand Lotto officials at the time of their win, continuing “I’d have felt really sorry for anyone silly enough to try and take the ticket off her,” he laughed.

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