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Mega Millions is won as other world lotteries roll over

After having a weekend last week where most of the world lotteries rolled over, we are happy this weekend to announce that the Mega Millions jackpot was won on Friday evening, while the UK Lotto was won on Saturday.

Starting with the most exciting draw of the weekend, the Mega Millions lottery game was drawn on Friday evening in New York City, and it was one player in New York State who matched all of the main numbers to win the top prize, paying it all out for the first time since a Pittsburgh man won the jackpot in July. That one player matched numbers 5, 11, 31, 50 and 67 as well as the Mega Ball of 14 to take home $106 million in prize money and wasn’t required to share that total with anybody.

There was also one other Mega Millions millionaire this weekend, as a ticket holder in Michigan matched the first five numbers only to take home $1 million, and there were almost 1.5 million other winners of smaller prize from $1 to $5,000.

Also on Friday night the EuroMillions lottery was draw with a jackpot worth just over £11 million after the top prize was won midweek. Numbers 10, 18, 19, 29 and 50 were drawn along with Lucky Stars 1 and 9, but no player was able to make it two jackpot wins in a row and therefore the top prize will be worth £15 million on Tuesday. Seven players won the second tier prize of £145,322.10 for matching the five main numbers and one out of the two lucky stars, and one UK player won £1 million thanks to the Millionaire Maker raffle draw, just like lottery winner Rachel Bingham from Lincolnshire did last weekend.

Saturday saw both the Powerball lottery and the UK Lotto drawn, and it was the UK Lotto that found a jackpot winner in the second round of draws this weekend. Numbers 14, 20, 28, 31, 40 and 46 all came out of the ball machine and one single ticket matched all of these choices to take home just over £4.6 million, on which they can spend on anything they want, even a topiary motorcycle like some recent UK Lotto winners. Four tickets won £93,164 at the second tier after they matched five numbers and the bonus ball of 44, while more than 212,000 other ticket holders won other consolation prizes. On Wednesday the jackpot will be worth around £2 million.

Finally, we had the Powerball lottery, and while it didn’t find a jackpot winner who matched all of the numbers 2, 3, 13, 16 and 35 as well as the Powerball number, 27, there were two players who matched the five main numbers only to take home $1 million, just like a Kansas Powerball winner did at the beginning of the month. The next Powerball draw, which is due to take place on Wednesday, will be worth an estimated $185 million.

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