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Additional Line Wins Couple €5.3m Irish Lotto Jackpot

Lottery24 – New numbers win couple €5.3m Irish Lotto JackpotA married couple from South Dublin in Ireland are off to Las Vegas after some different numbers won them a €5.3m lottery in the October 28 Irish Lotto draw.

They’d been playing the draw for 27 years and always used the same numbers. Incredibly it wasn’t their lucky numbers that came up trumps but an additional quick-pick line.

The lucky winners, who have chosen to remain anonymous, decided to buy an Irish Lotto ticket when passing the Roslevan Stores in Ennis, Co Clare. The husband said of their win, “I included just one line of quick-pick numbers, as insurance, and that’s the line that won.”

He checked the results online and realized his Irish Lotto ticket matched the winning numbers 05-07-10-18-41-47. When he stopped shaking, he went to the fridge, got a bottle of wine, poured two glasses and gave one to his wife who was sitting by the fire in her pyjamas. “She thought I’d lost my mind. She must have checked the ticket a thousand different ways before she’d believe we’d won” said her husband.

Richard and Dione Buss from England recently won a £1.9m UK Lotto jackpot after changing their numbers. Also in England, Jane Lewis used the same numbers for years, then tried a Lucky Dip and won a £4.3m UK Lotto jackpot.

Sometimes it does take a while to get a big win. A woman from Michigan, USA, played for years before her $4.5m Lotto 47 win.

The Irish Lotto winners now plan to go on holiday to Las Vegas. That’s just what Ian Dunn and Karen McDougall from Coventry, England, are planning to do after their £1m National Lottery Millionaire 777 scratchcard win. Las Vegas will be full of holidaying lottery winners as Welshman Shaun Allen wants to go there after a £100,000 National Lottery Monopoly scratchcard win.

The winners also plan on using their winnings to support their family, while the husband can’t wait to go out and buy a sports car with a two-seat convertible Ferrari that’s been on his bucket list top of his shopping list. £6.4m EuroMillions winner Ryan Magee also purchased a Ferrari after his big win.

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