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Christmas is just around the corner and wouldn’t it be fantastic to receive a winning lottery ticket for a present? As soon as the famous TV adverts start being shown, we know that Christmas if fast approaching. In Spain there’s one advert that really gets hearts beating a little bit faster. It is of course the advert for the December 22nd El Gordo de Navidad draw.

The Spanish Christmas Lottery draw is known as ‘the fat one’ and every year people queue for hours to get a ticket for the draw. Not surprising as it has the world’s largest lottery prize pool of around €2.2bn. Last year Madrid sold most Spanish Christmas Lottery tickets. The draw is also popular across Europe with UK players buying lots of El Gordo de Navidad tickets online.

It’s a unique kind of draw, where else do you see the lottery winning numbers sung by 32 children? Each year the advert has a special theme. In 2014 the El Gordo de Navidad advert featured a soundtrack by Irish singer James Vincent McMorrow. This year the main theme is again about the fact that the best present is to be able to share it.

Lottery tickets being given as presents isn’t uncommon of course. Elizabeth Caltabellotta from New York, USA, was given a ticket by her husband and it won a $5m Set For Life jackpot.

In the Pixar-style advert produced by advertising agency Leo Burnett, we meet Justino, a late night watchman at a mannequin factory. He’s so lonely that the mannequins become his friends and he even has selfies taken with them.

He’s a thoughtful guy and even uses the mannequins to give presents to the factory staff members he never meets. He doesn’t know that they’ve formed a lottery syndicate as he knocks the list down from the noticeboard.

On his way to work, Justino sees the newspaper headline about the syndicate winning the Spanish Christmas Lottery jackpot. When he arrives, there’s a mannequin with the winning jackpot ticket in its hand. It turns out that the workers had added him to the list as a present and now they have the biggest celebration ever.

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