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Financial Worries Over for $1m Monday Oz Lotto Winner

A 40-year-old woman from Canberra in Australia who says she’s had “barely two cents to rub together” certainly doesn’t have that problem any longer. She won $1m in the Monday Oz Lotto draw held on January 11.

The lucky winner, who has decided to remain anonymous, didn’t even know that she’d won the $1m prize until receiving a phone call from New South Wales lottery officials today. Last year a couple went four days without knowing they’d won $20m in a Saturday Lotto Super Draw.

The winner commented, “I’m shaking at the moment. I’ve had such a horrible start to the year so the other day I decided I’d buy myself an Oz Lotto ticket.” She’s the latest big winner in this lottery game after three tickets in Western Australia each won $2m last week on the Oz Lotto.

The 40-year-old even had to work an extra shift this week to earn some more money to keep her going. Thanks to the Oz Lotto though, all of those financial worries are in the past. Last year a couple won a $1m Australian Lotto prize and said the win meant they’d no longer be living on “Struggle Street.”

“Now I’ll be able to buy myself a home,” added the big Oz Lotto winner. “This is wonderful for me and a great head start in life for my children.” Last year another woman in the state won £100,000 in the $2 Jackpot Lottery and used it all to pay her mortgage. In Northern Ireland, Ross and Jocelyn Hearst will be buying a new home after winning £4m in a National Lottery Scratchcard game.

Her winning Oz Lotto ticket was purchased from the Nextra Hyperdome in Tuggeranong. Newsagent Tom Wang said it was the agency’s first division one prize winner, but it was his staff who sold the ticket not him. The winning numbers were 10, 23, 27, 26, 3 and 8, with the supplementary numbers of 5 and 24.

The woman is one of two new millionaires created in the draw. The other first division winning entry was sold in Dungong, New South Wales.

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