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€94,673 Winning Irish Lotto ticket Left In Car for Three Days

Lottery24 – Family from Cavan win big on the Irish LottoA family from Cavan in Ireland had the best possible end to the month. They scooped €94,673 in the Irish Lotto draw held on Saturday April 30.

The lucky family, who have asked to remain anonymous, bought their winning Irish Lotto ticket from Kennedy’s Supermarket in Ballyconnell. It managed to match five of the main balls and the bonus ball in the draw. The numbers drawn were: 14-21-23-25-30-34 and the Bonus Ball 17. They missed out on a €2.566m jackpot.

It took some time for the winners to realize their good fortune. It wasn’t until Tuesday, after hearing of a big local Irish Lotto win that they checked their ticket in a nearby shop. One of the winners said, “I bought the ticket on Saturday evening and left it in the car and thought no more about it.”

That’s not as uncommon as you might think. In England, Alan Slater left his £149,089 winning EuroMillions ticket in his car and that led to a double win. In the USA, Willie Nelson from California kept his $110m Powerball ticket in his car for three days.

Then the winner heard the news of the local win and when checking their ticket was told to contact National Lottery Headquarters. That led to the family discovering their €94,673 win. The family already have plans on how to spend their Irish Lotto winnings. They include putting money aside to pay for the education of their children. Jadwiga Nowakowska from Chicago, USA, said she’d invest some of her $1m Powerball win in looking after her grandchildren.

Also planned is using some of the winnings to set up a small family business. Gary Brand from Basildon in Essex, England, was part of a £5.2m UK Lotto winning syndicate and used some of his winnings to set up a taxi firm.

That’s all for the long-term though. First of all they want to go on a “nice family holiday to celebrate the win properly.” Mark and Lisa Schmidt from Oregon, USA, went on a dream cruise after they won $1m playing Mega Millions.

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