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$1 million was waiting in the car for New Zealand Lotto winning couple

A couple from Auckland in New Zealand were driving around with a winning New Zealand Lotto ticket in the front seat of their car for two weeks before claiming the prize.

The winning pair, who chose to remain anonymous upon claiming their NZ Lotto prize, told lottery officials that after discovering their win they wanted some time to really think about what they were going to do with the money. “The winning ticket drove with me everywhere for the next two weeks – it didn’t really click until now that I was effectively driving around with $1 million on the front seat,” one of the winners told NZ Lotto officials, just a few weeks after another NZ Lotto winner came forward to claim a prize that he said came thanks to his car, but not because it was the ticket’s hiding place.

Not long after the draw where their ticket won a First Division prize worth $1 million, one half of the couple said that he checked the ticket on a self-scanner in a lottery retailer’s store. “I scanned it with the self-checked and ‘First Division winner’ flashed up on the screen,” he admitted that he was in a state of total disbelief. “I couldn’t believe it. I really thought I was seeing things.” A lottery winner from Indiana said that his disbelief lasted a while when he couldn’t believe the Hoosier Lottery win had really happened to him.

The NZ Lotto winner said that he then raced home as fast as he could in order to tell his wife, who also had trouble believing their luck. “I really didn’t think it could be true,” the wife told lottery officials. “Then he put the winning ticket under the machine again and ‘First Division winner’ popped up. It was really bizarre, my eyes told me we’d won, but my brain just couldn’t make sense of it.”

Lottery winners have kept their winning tickets in many strange places, like another NZ Lotto winner who kept their $1 million lottery ticket in an empty cake tin, and an Irish EuroMillions Plus player who found her winning ticket after clearing out her pantry. Now that the money is in the bank, however, the couple has no choice but to believe how lucky they really have been. And thanks to that extra two weeks where the $1 million NZ Lotto ticket was in the car, they have decided exactly how they’ll be spending the money.

“The first thing we’re going to do is pay off our mortgage, then we want to help our kids buy their first home,” they told lottery officials in Auckland. After that, they said life is going to be a lot easier for them, thanks to their big NZ Lotto win.

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