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Dare you say the word ‘Colobraro’ and still expect to win a €94m SuperEnalotto jackpot? It’s the most cursed town in Italy apparently but that bad reputation may be coming to an end.

People put amulets on balconies or walls that face the southern Italian town and some drivers take detours to avoid it. But why are people afraid and hate saying its name referring to it as “that town”? Its name comes from a word meaning serpent, the embodiment of evil. There have been stories of babies born with two hearts, witches and falling chandeliers. It’s even said the police won’t give speeding tickets so they don’t invoke the curse. They probably have a rubbish football team too.

Perhaps they need the luck of the Fry family from Scotland who have won three £1m UK Lotto prizes so far. Not so lucky were Edwina and David Nylan from Fleetwood, England, who missed out on a £35m UK Lotto jackpot. Wonder if they go to the C town for their holidays?

Also unlucky was Jason Ifergan from Canada who was seven seconds late and that cost him a $13.5m Lotto Max jackpot win. Maybe all the players in ‘that town’ should head to the Bar Gerace in Via Padre Pio in Calabria who have sold several big winning SuperEnalotto tickets in the past.

Now an attempt is being made to change the luck of “that town.” The SuperEnalotto jackpot is €94.3m, currently the highest jackpot in European lotteries. Tickets to the value of €8,250 were handed out to local residents along with lucky amulets containing grain to represent abundance and lavender to ward off evil spirits.

It’s the largest ever SuperEnalotto syndicate and mayor Andrea Bernardo hopes “some of our residents will become rich” in the June 14 draw. That’s what happened to a player from Sicily who won a €21.8m SuperEnalotto jackpot last July.

The town does play on its reputation though boosting tourism. They’ve already been given a €10,000 donation to finance cultural evenings taking place there in August.