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Player wins $1 million NZ Lotto prize after letting another customer skip ahead in the line

A New Zealand Lotto player has won a huge $1 million prize and is citing good karma for his win after another customer pushed in front of him in the line at the store.

The NZ Lotto winner, who chose to remain anonymous as he claimed his prize from last Wednesday night’s NZ Lotto draw, told officials that he was in line to buy his ticket when another customer sneaked ahead of him in the line. The winner told NZ Lotto officials that as he wasn’t in any rush, he waited for the other customer to finish before he bought his lottery ticket, just like a couple from Dunedin who let some customers who were in a rush cut the line before winning a $1 million NZ Lotto prize.

“I was waiting in line at the Lotto shop and another customer nipped in front of me,” the winner told Lotto New Zealand in a written statement. “I wasn’t in any hurry, so I just let them go ahead and didn’t say anything,” he continued, explaining that he believes it is good karma that has paid off and won him the $1 million, just like taxi driver Gordon Rees from Nottinghamshire who believed that Karma won him his £1 million EuroMillions prize, and a Burnley syndicate which split a £53,860 lottery prize and said it must have been thanks to their hard work in a nursing home which allowed them to win.

“If that hasn’t happened, they might have had the winning ticket not me.” However, the NZ Lotto winner told officials that it took him a few days before he got around to checking the numbers against those that had won, and when he did check he said he couldn’t get his head around it.

“My mind went blank and I wasn’t thinking properly, so I just put the ticket away and went to work as usual.” The NZ Lotto winner said he didn’t get around to telling his wife about the win until they were having dinner together the following evening when he casually dropped the $1 million win into conversation.

The couple said that they’ll be using the money to buy their own home, just like Canadian Lotto 649 winner Sarah Ross who was excited to rebuild her home after her lottery win, and after that they haven’t quite made up their minds.

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