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A man from the Gold Coast in Australia who won $4 million on the TattsLotto draw held last Saturday October 22 had to get his boss to double check his ticket, after which he was told to leave and not come back.

The 50-year-old winner, who has not revealed his entire identity upon claiming his TattsLotto prize, told lottery officials that he checked his ticket at his desk several times before asking his boss to double check it on his phone because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Then my boss cheerily told me to go and never return. He’s a good boss!” he added with a laugh.

Unlike Joseph Woods, who quit his job immediately after winning $1 million on the Powerball, the TattsLotto winner said that he might not quite agree to quit his job altogether, but he will be taking some time off and have some quality time with his family. “There are plenty of holiday to come,” he said. “I’ll also probably buy myself a house and one for my kids, too.” Although his new house might not be quite as extravagant as the one that EuroMillions winners Nigel and Justine Page bought for themselves earlier this year.

The TattsLotto winner, who is a local of the Gold Coast in Queensland, told officials that he played the Lotto on a weekly basis, but stores up tickets to check them together, just like another recent Australian Lotto winner who was a millionaire for four days without realising. He said that it would have been another few weeks before he would even have thought about checking his ticket if he hadn’t heard that there was a search going on for a local winner of $4 million.

“Luckily this morning I saw on the news that the weekend’s winning ticket was sold at Surf News Marina Mirage – so I thought I better hurry up and check it,” he said, adding that when he realised that he’d won his reaction was one of shock, joy and excitement, just like a Brisbane winner who described himself as ‘flabbergasted’ after realizing he won the Australian Powerball jackpot. The owners of the store that sold him the ticket, Kay and Ken Burns, said that they were delighted to have sold the winning TattsLotto ticket to one of their regular customers.

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