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Finally, the largest European lottery jackpot has been won. A lucky ticket sold in the region of Calabria in the south of Italy, won the €163.5m (£147.1m) SuperEnalotto jackpot in the 27 October draw.

The SuperEnalotto jackpot had been steadily climbing all year and this win was the first time in 200 draws that the top prize had been won. The last jackpot win had been in July of last year when a ticket sold in Sicily won a €21.8m SuperEnalotto jackpot.

Sicily is certainly a lucky place to play this lottery as another ticket won a €101m SuperEnalotto jackpot in 2008. Two years ago a ticket sold in Sassuolo was lucky enough to win €40,192,368 playing the SuperEnalotto lottery.

The total amount won by the SuperEnalotto jackpot winner was €163,538,706 jackpot, the second highest jackpot ever. The previous SuperEnalotto record was €178m won six years ago. The lucky winner played just two columns and their ticket was validated in the town of Vibo Valentia, in the tobacco shop “Lo Bianco”.

“We were at home when the Lottery Operator called us from Rome to tell us that the record SuperEnalotto jackpot had been won in our store, ” says Mr. Domenico Lo Bianco, owner of the tobacco shop in Via Dante Alighieri, Vibo Valentia. “We immediately went to open our store. It was such a strong feeling, it is impossible to describe it. We hope that the win went to some people that really need it, and that the lucky winner will remember us”.

Just a few minutes after the store had reopened curiosity got the better of local residents. Soon there were plenty of people trying to find out more about who had finally won the SuperEnalotto jackpot.

It’s already been a great week for lottery players after a ticket in Belgium won a £44m EuroMillions jackpot on Tuesday.

The lucky numbers that won the mystery player the SuperEnalotto jackpot were: 03-12-23-71-76-83, and Jolly 56. Perhaps the lucky winner should read our recent article about how to spend a €150m SuperEnalotto jackpot.

Now the bid to win the SuperEnalotto jackpot starts all over again. The next draw takes place on Saturday 29 October with the SuperEnalotto jackpot starting at €41.1m. To date the SuperEnalotto lottery, which was launched in 1998, has distributed more than €4.3 billion in first and second tier wins.

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