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€11.3m Irish Lotto Winner Will Cook Own Christmas Dinner

Lottery24 – Dublin Irish Lotto winner came forwardA lucky Dublin family have come forward to claim their €11.3m Irish Lotto jackpot won in the draw held on 3 December but won’t be going on any long holidays anytime soon.

The couple have asked to remain anonymous. That’s just like the family from Perth, Australia who won a $50m Australian Powerball jackpot.

Their Irish Lotto win is the second largest prize won in the lottery this year. It was on Sunday evening that the couple realised they had scooped the €11.3m Irish Lotto jackpot.

The lucky Irish Lotto winner told reporters that initially his Sunday had been “typical.” He’d cooked dinner for the family and then sat down to watch the football on their television. Then his night suddenly changed. “I turned on the news afterwards and I watched in disbelief as the winning shop was revealed,” he said. The shocked pair spent the rest of the night checking and rechecking their Irish Lotto ticket to confirm they really had won the jackpot.

Plenty of lottery winners rush off on holiday as soon as they receive their winnings. Not this couple though as the husband explained: “Due to my commitments with the GAA, any long holidays will be on hold until at least August, but we might enjoy a short break away.” Last year a hurling captain, Donal O’Grady, sold a €3.8m winning Irish Lotto ticket.

Despite becoming Irish Lotto millionaires, the couple aren’t planning on quitting their jobs. A short break will take place but this winner says that he enjoys working as a civil servant “so the win won’t force me into early retirement just yet.” That’s just like John Doherty from Scotland who is still working after his £14.67m UK Lotto win. A report published this year looked at how many big lottery winners carry on working after their win.

The Irish Lotto win has come at the perfect time and the couple are looking forward to spending a “memorable Christmas surrounded by the ones we love.” Even though they are Irish Lotto millionaires and could afford a top chef to come in and cook their Christmas dinner, it’ll be the husband who will be doing the cooking on Christmas Day, with his children and extended family present to celebrate with them.

As reported earlier this week, their jackpot winning Irish Lotto ticket was purchased from a Spar Store on Amien Street in Dublin.

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