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A lottery winner form the Perth Hills of Western Australia has shed tears of joy after his big $1.3 million Australian Lotto win, on the back of a ticket gifted to him by his mother.

The ex-serviceman, who describes himself as a battler, was due to start a new job after having been in the forces for most of his adult life, and his mother bought him an Australian Lotto ticket as a gift for his first day. “I bought him the Lotto ticket as a good luck gesture and to remind him how proud I am to be his mum,” she added. An Irish Lotto winner said that she is her family’s good luck charm, so they always send her off to buy the tickets.

The man, who still lives at home, told lottery officials that when his mother called him into the lounge room on Sunday morning, he automatically assumed there was something wrong because of her panicked voice. “She could hardly speak through her tears,” he said. Another Western Australian couple couldn’t hold back their tears after a big lottery win, just like a EuroMillions Plus winner from Ireland who broke down after finding out about his jackpot.

“She kept pointing to the thirtieth game on my Lotto ticket – the very last one,” the WA winner added, saying that the two of them decided to use the officials Australian Lotto website to check the six winning numbers, where he realised that they matched his ticket exactly. Just last week we told you about a farming couple from WA who won $2 million on the Australian Lotto.

Lotterywest officials said that they were delighted that somebody who has given so much for their country has gotten something so incredible in return. The Australian Lotto ticket was purchased at a store in Ellenbrook, the Nextra Express, which also sold another Division 1 winning Lotto ticket less than two months ago, according to the same Lotterywest official, adding that this win for the Perth Hills man was the eighth top division win in the state since the beginning of 2017. Winning big on lottery tickets that were gifted is not exactly unusual, for example a Californian lady received her Set for Life winning scratch card as a gift from a complete stranger.

“This equates to eight newly minted millionaires sharing in more than $10 million in prize money,” added the spokesperson.

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