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Last week told you how Beverley Doran from Shipley in Yorkshire, England, won a £14.5m EuroMillions jackpot in the February 17 draw. Great news for her but her ex isn’t having such a fantastic time.

Sean Priestly from Bradford revealed the EuroMillions winner wouldn’t be giving him any of her winnings. Rumours then began that he would file a lawsuit against Doran to get a share of her winnings. That’s led to the 37-year-old seeking legal advice, while her ex began to receive a series of highly abusive online messages. There have been many legal lottery disputes including a recent dispute over a $40m Australian Powerball win.

The £14.5m EuroMillions jackpot winner told The Sun newspaper that Priestly “doesn’t deserve a single penny” adding that “he should have stuck around a bit longer if he wanted some of the money.” Lisa Fogie from Scotland won a £51,355 UK Lotto prize using her ex’s numbers.

Sean commented that “it is not my money” but was delighted their children would be financially secure. The couple had three children together and spit up seven months ago, after a 12-year relationship.

He wrote on Facebook that there’d be no point asking him for a loan as he will continue to “be skint”. After being told the EuroMillions winner wouldn’t give him a single penny, he didn’t want to say anything anymore as he had to think of his children.

Not everyone has been abusive towards the Bradford resident with a friend telling how he cares for their children and even looked after them while Beverley was getting used to her EuroMillions windfall. That included a weekend away to Harrogate, North Yorkshire where she bought new charms and bracelets for her children. Even then she had to borrow £1,000 from her friend for that trip.

The EuroMillions winner had been struggling with finances and depression before her big win. Two of her children have autism so she had to quit her job to look after them. Recently, MindOut and the Allsorts Youth Project began a serious needs advocacy service thanks to a £389,599 grant from the UK Big Lottery Fund.

Miss Doran joked that she can now finish paying for the family holiday to Portugal planned for August. Peter Congdon from Cornwall in England, went off on a family holiday to Butlin’s after his $13.5m UK Lotto win.

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