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Two residents from Nanton, in Alberta, Western Canada, have won a $250,000 prize on the Lotto 649 after twenty years of playing together.

Harvey Nagel, and co-worker and friend Kenneth Williamson, have been buying tickets for the national Canadian Lotto 649 game together for over twenty years, but still they were not expecting to win a big prize. In fact, Mr Williamson was out of town on vacation when the pair won, and Mr Nagel had to call him while he was on his trip to let him know the good news. Earlier this year we told you about a group of co-workers from Calgary, also in Alberta, who shared a $1 million Lotto Max prize.

Mr Nagel said that he noticed the pair’s good fortune when he went to the store to buy tickets for the next Lotto 649 draw on February 11th, and got previous tickets checked as well. “I went to the store to check our tickets and to get the tickets for the next draw,” said Mr Nagel when the pair collected their winnings from the Western Canada Lottery Corporation earlier this month. “I was not expecting to win $250,000,” he continued.

Because Mr Williamson was on vacation, the Lotto 649 prize couldn’t be claimed until he returned home, so Mr Nagel called him to reveal the good news. “I was on vacation when Harvey called and told me we won,” said Mr Williamson. “I was pretty shocked and said a bunch of words that I won’t repeat today.”

We’ve told you before about other lottery winners who were on holiday when they won, including a UK Lotto winning couple from Tamworth in England, and a mother of one from Chichester in the UK who won £1 million on the EuroMillions while she was away in Corfu.

With their shock palpable, perhaps it was a good thing that the Lotto 649 winners had to wait to claim their prize so that they could have some time to stop and think about how they will be using their winnings. Another Alberta lottery winner said that she was too old to spend all of her $50 million Lotto Max prize. Both men told lottery officials that they planned to use their share of the $250,000 prize to pay off bills and mortgages. “A win like this just helps make day to day life a little easier,” said Mr Williamson. A lottery winner from New York State felt the same after her $1 million Lotto win.

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