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Friday sees the first EuroMillions Superdraw of the year. The 30 June draw sees the jackpot increased to a fantastic €100m which is approximately £87m. Just what would you buy with such an amazing win?

Looking at the most recent Sunday Times Sports Rich List, an £87m win would put you just short of Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney’s fortune. That’s estimated as £93m so you might need another big win to get above him.

A new house would be near the top of your list, so how about moving to London and the UK’s highest value address? That’s considered to be The Boltons in Kensington where the average property is £32.2m. Famous movie star Douglas Fairbanks used to live in that area and it’s just a mile away from such famous landmarks as the Royal Albert Hall and Hyde Park.

Nigel and Justine Page from England won a £56m EuroMillions jackpot and used some of their winnings to buy a £6m luxury home set in 23 acres. An even more expensive house purchase was made by Englishman Neil Trotter who landed a £108m EuroMillions top prize and with his partner Nicky Ottaway, bought a mansion that even had its own lake.

Even better, why not use your EuroMillions Superdraw winnings to buy your very own island? Apo in the Philippines is available for around £42m and you’d love its white sandy beaches and you’d have money left over to build your own mansion. Perhaps £1m EuroMillions winner Matt Myles might pop in as part of his current round-the-world tour.

Sports fans could invest in a football team. Around £60m might be enough to purchase English side Hull City and help get them back in the Premier League after their relegation last season. Lee Mullins won a £4.8m EuroMillions jackpot and has since invested cash in both Grimsby Town and Alfreton Town as they bid to climb up the English leagues. Even with 100m euros in the bank you still wouldn’t be able to afford Cristian Ronaldo if he does decide to leave Real Madrid. Remember though, if the EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot isn’t won on Friday it will rollover for the 4 July draw.

How about buying a new car with your EuroMillions Superdraw windfall? The world’s most expensive car is the McLaren P1 LM which costs around £2.88m so you could buy a whole fleet of them for your friends perhaps?

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