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Birthdays Help Win Player €2,951,364 Irish Lotto jackpot

Lottery24 – Using birthdays as numbers helped win a man from Limerick City in Ireland a €2,951,364 Irish Lotto jackpot. He was lucky as his tickets were purchased from a different shop as he rushed to take part In the September 6 draw.Using the birthdates of family members is quite a common way of choosing your lottery numbers. It came up trumps for a player from Limerick City in Ireland who won a €2,951,364 Irish Lotto jackpot in the September 6 draw.

The lucky winner has asked to remain anonymous, that’s just like the couple from Western Australia who won a $673,151 Australian Lotto prize.We do know that he works as an engineer and claimed his Irish Lotto jackpot win with his wife.

Not only does he use birthdays for his numbers, he’s been playing the same selection for the past 15 years. It was 23 years before success for Enzo Di Gneo from Montreal in Quebec, Canada and he scooped a $12,715,949 Lotto 6/49 jackpot.

A woman from Monroe in Washington State, USA, used baseball players numbers to help win her a $360,001 Hit 5 jackpot. Johana Moreno from Connecticut, USA, used her children’s birthdays to scoop a $1m Powerball prize.

The Irish Lotto winner player matched five of the six required. The winning numbers in the draw were: 01-04-05-06-18-47. He was on his way home from work and time was running out to buy his Irish Lotto tickets from his local shop so he ended up buying his jackpot winning ticket from Coughlan’s Gala store on Quinlan Street in Limerick City. “Little did I know it was a stop that would change the lives of me, my wife and our sons,” The lucky winner said.

Despite becoming an Irish Lotto millionaire, he’s not quitting his job. That’s just like the syndicate of Tesco workers in England who were still in employment a year after their near £4m UK Lotto jackpot win.

“I’d never give up work. Sure, what would you get up for and where would you go? I’m not the type to lay about the house or to take up golf. And what example would I be setting for my boys if I was to give up work?” said the lucky Irish Lotto winner.

Those lucky numbers aren’t about to be retired either. The Irish Lotto winner says he will play for fun now and if another big win comes along he’ll “give it away”. Plans for his winnings include paying off his mortgage and maybe going on holiday. It’s not their first win either. A week before this jackpot win, the winner’s wife won €7.

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