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A man from Michigan who won $4.3 million on the Lotto 47 has spoken of how he can’t wait to share it with his family.

The lucky lottery player, who has remained anonymous after claiming their $4.3 million prize, won his jackpot in the Lotto 47 drawing on November 1st, when his ticket matched numbers 16, 20, 23, 32, 47, and 45. The lucky Lotto 47 winner purchased his ticket from Kwik Mart, on East Main Street in Walkersville, Michigan. Recently we told you about a Detroit Lotto 47 player who won $2 million.

The anonymous winner, who is Michigan’s 7th Lotto 47 jackpot winner so far this year, told lottery officials that he bought his ticket on a trip in southern Michigan while visiting family, just like a couple of Irish Americans who recently won on the Irish Lotto while visiting family. “I was visiting family members down state and stopped to buy a Lotto 47 ticket,” said the lucky winner. “A few days later, I was having a burger and beer near my home when I noticed my wallet was full of tickets, so I started scanning them on the self-service machine.” A Michigan Lotto 47 winner who won $13.1 million planned to use his winnings to help others less fortunate.

The winner said that when he scanned the Lotto 47 ticket, he got a message up on the screen that he didn’t recognise, so he set that ticket aside and went back to it when he’d finished going through the rest of the pile. When the message came up again, he took it to the bartender who scanned it for him, telling him he’d been lucky.

“I asked my stepdaughter to text the winnings numbers from November 1st to me,” said the Lotto 47 winner. “When I saw I’d matched all six, I screamed: ‘Oh my God!’”

A recent lottery winner from Maryland was off truck shopping with his scratch off winnings, and now that the winnings are in the account, the Lotto 47 winner plans to use them to help his family and buy a new truck. “I’ve got six kids and several grandkids, so I’ll probably be half-broke by the time I’m done with them,” he laughed. “But it’ll be worth it!” Just like the Michigan winner, an Ontario man first thought of his family after winning $12 million on the Lotto 649.

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