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A lottery player from Co Waterford In Ireland celebrated winning €5,000 playing the November 24 EuroMillions draw. Later that day though his celebrations went up to another level when he discovered he’d actually won €1,005,000.

The EuroMillions winner has asked to remain anonymous, just as a recent $10m Australian Powerball winner from Queensland. His winning ticket was purchased from a SuperValu store in the Kilbarry Centre in Tramore Road, Co Waterford on November 24.

It’s the latest big lottery win in Waterford after a syndicate of contact lenses workers won a €2,578,134 Irish Lotto prize.

He’d checked his EuroMillions ticket the morning after the draw and was “absolutely over the moon when I realised I was one of the ten raffle winners of €5,000.” Then, later in the day he heard that there had been a million-euro EuroMillions prize won in Waterford.

Quickly he scanned his EuroMillions ticket on the National Lottery App and was shocked to discover that he was the million euros winner, on top of his €5,000 windfall. Quite often players initially underestimate the size of their lottery win. That’s what happened to John Bowman from Scotland who thought he’d won £10,000 but had actually won £10m playing the UK Lotto draw. David Hausmann from Cedar Rapids in Iowa, USA, was “dumb founded” when realizing he’d won $50,000 in the Winter White Super Crossword scratch card game after at first believing he’d only scooped $5,000. In the USA, Kenny and Cathy Robin Beevers, from Mississippi, mistakenly thought they’d won $400 but they actually had a $200,000 winning Powerball ticket.

Failing to notice that you’ve won a big prize has happened before on many occasions. Amanda Lewis from Staffordshire in England didn’t check her code at first but finally remembered and discovered a £1m EuroMillions win. A family from Co Cork had to rescue their €500,000 winning EuroMillions ticket from the bin.

The lucky EuroMillions winner says of his big win, “It’s an incredibly fortunate win but we’ll make sure it won’t change our lives drastically.” He added that “We are very lucky to have such a close family so we’re going to have a Christmas to remember, that’s for sure!” That’s what happened for another Irish player last year, who still cooked the family Christmas dinner despite his €11.3m Irish Lotto win.

The next EuroMillions draw takes place on Tuesday December 12 and the jackpot has risen to £101m. Don’t miss any opportunity of becoming next big winner and purchase your tickets online at