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A big time Maryland Lottery scratch off fan was shouting Bingo this week when she won $100,000 on a Big Money Bingo scratch off ticket.

The lottery player, from Silver Spring, is a self-confessed big fan of scratch off lottery tickets, and she told lottery officials that recently a gloomy Monday was turned around when her Big Money Bingo ticket won her $100,000. The lottery player said she was travelling home from work when she stopped off at Georgia Market in Montgomery County, one of her favourite lottery retailers. A Maryland lottery player recently went from being an occasional player to a big fan after winning $20,000 on a scratch off ticket, while another Maryland player admitted to being a big fan even before winning $30,000 on one of her favourite lottery games.

The 42-year-old Maryland woman is a regular lottery player, and buys a selection of scratch off tickets each time, just as she did this time. One of those tickets was a Big Money Bingo game, along with some other instant games. A Michigan lottery player recently won $300,000 on another Bingo themed scratch card.

“Normally, I’ll scratch the tickets at home,” the lottery player said of her routine. “That day, I decided to scratch the ticket in the store. A lucky feeling drove the decision!” and a lucky feeling it was indeed, because after just a few scratched she asked the cashier to scan the scratch off and check how much it was worth.

“The guy looked at me and said, ‘Looks like a big prize, you’ll have to go to the Lottery building to claim your prize!’” the scratch off player then decided to take the ticket home with her and finished scratching it off to reveal her prize value. “When I saw how much I won, I said to myself, ‘Whoa, is this for real?’” A Delaware woman said her lottery dream had come true when she won $15,000 on an instant win lottery ticket.

After making sure that it wasn’t all just a dream, the Maryland woman claimed her prize at lottery headquarters, where she said that her scratch off winnings will go towards paying off both her and her children’s student loans, and buying a new car. An Ontario couple who won $1 million on the Canadian Lotto Max planned to pay off their daughter’s student loans thanks to their good fortune.

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