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A student who graduated from his music degree just four months ago has paid off his student debts all thanks to a EuroMillions win worth $1 million.

Every student’s dream is to graduate debt-free, and while Alex Best didn’t quite manage that, he is debt free just four months after graduation all thanks to a lucky EuroMillions ticket. Mr Best, who is 21 years old, graduated last autumn from Bolton University with a degree in live event production, and hopes to get a job in live music events. A couple from Bolton won big on the Postcode Lottery soon after moving to Blackburn.

Since graduating, the EuroMillions winner has been working as a part-time barman in a nightclub, and he told lottery officials that he almost passed out in Sainsbury’s when he found out that his EuroMillions ticket was worth $1 million. The drawing was held on January 9th, and while Mr Best didn’t match any numbers in the draw, his ticket was a millionaire raffle winner, guaranteeing him £1 million.

“Every student has money worries, working from pay cheque to pay cheque, so it’s just amazing to know I never have to worry again,” Mr Best said, adding that it feels incredible to realize that he is already debt free. A student from Leicester paid off her student debt before she’d even graduated thanks to a £70,000 scratch card prize. The lottery winner hopes his good fortune will help him to get his career kickstarted, as he hopes to start working for big tours and festivals, such as Glastonbury. A photography student from Wales won £70,000 on a National Lottery scratch card and planned to use his winnings to help him become a photographer.

In the more immediate future, however, the EuroMillions winner plans to pass his driving test, just like a teenager from Kent who won £270,000 on the EuroMillions, and Mr Best said that he is thinking about buying a sports car. “I have had my eyes on a few cars – I could even buy an Aston Martin,” he said, adding that he will wait until he passes his test. “How many graduates can say their first car was an Aston Martin?” he continued. A People’s Postcode Lottery winner from Cheshire also hoped to buy an Aston Martin with his winnings, although his wife wasn’t quite in agreement.

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