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A 58-year-old-man from Eldersburg in Maryland, USA, thought his scratch card had no chance of being a winner. He was proved wrong when he won a $100,000 top prize playing a 50x the Cash scratch card.

The lucky 50x the Cash scratch card winner has asked to remain anonymous, just like the grandfather who won a $1.02m Australian Powerball prize. We do know him by his nickname of ‘Chuck the Scratcher.’

‘Chuck’ had to stop off at the Exxon station in Eldsburg to fill his car up with petrol and while there decided to buy some scratch cards. He wasn’t sure which to play and when seeing “a lonely little ticket by itself” decided “there’s no way that’s a winner.” How wrong was he to be?

Eventually ‘Chuck the Scratcher’ chose four other scratch cards and they produced wins of $10. Rather than collecting his winnings he decided to buy that lonely looking 50x the Cash scratch card. Joseph Corsello from New York, USA, won a $1m Super Tripler prize after deciding to buy an extra ticket.

Unlike before, he planned to wait until he got home before seeing if it was worth anything. As he was driving home though, he called his mother and then the urge got to him and he pulled the car over and scratched off his 50x the Cash scratch card.

“When I saw my numbers match the winning numbers, I freaked out,” he recalled. “I said to myself, ‘Is this a joke?’ I had to hang up on my mother because I couldn’t believe what happened. When she asked why, I simply said, ‘I’m not sure, but I think I won $100,000!’”

It’s the latest big win in Maryland, USA. Recently a 59-year-old man won $1m on Win Big scratch card. Also celebrating was Walker Blazemore who scooped $30,000 playing a Polar Pay-out scratch card.

He rushed home to tell his wife the news of their 50x the Cash scratch card win but she didn’t quite believe him. He made her go back to the Exxon station to get the win confirmed and thankfully it was. Kimberly Morris from North Carolina, USA, also had more than one win in a day and won $1m on a $4,000,000 Diamond Dazzler scratch card.

Now ‘Chuck’ plans to spend his 50x the Cash scratch card winnings on sorting out his bills and putting the rest aside for his future.

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