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A man from Baltimore County in Maryland has proved that there’s method in his madness as last month he won a huge $50,000 Powerball prize.

The 37-year-old told Maryland Lottery officials that he has a painstaking system for purchasing Powerball tickets, and it paid off last month when he checked a stack of ticket and found out that one purchased for the February 17th Powerball drawing was a winner. The system has thus far made him a few small wins, but this $50,000 windfall is by far the biggest. A Missouri man who won $1 million on a scratch card said it was all down to his winning strategy, while a father and son from California also said it was down to their meticulous routine that they won $1 million on a scratch off game.

The winner, who works in law enforcement, told lottery officials that he selects random numbers on a few tickets, and never buys more than five at a time. He also feels as if he becomes luckier if he waits at least a week before checking the ticket. Another Baltimore County Multi-Match lottery winner left her ticket unchecked in her purse for weeks before claiming her prize.

When he did finally check his Powerball ticket for the February 17th drawing, the lottery player said that he wasn’t even thinking about his rules, as his mind was busy worrying about unexpected costs that he and his wife had encountered. The pair have just bought their first home and had come across extra costs while closing the sale. A Michigan woman who recently won on the Keno lottery was also able to stop worrying about money thanks to her $500,000 prize.

However, the Powerball win of $50,000 meant that the winner and his wife no longer need to worry about those costs, and as well as paying off the bills, it will also pay for their move from their current apartment. A National Lottery scratch card winner from England made moving to a new home her priority after winning £70,000.

The Powerball lottery was last drawn yesterday, when a jackpot worth $417,300,000 was on offer. Numbers 12, 24, 41, 68 and 6 were drawn along with the Powerball of 9, but nobody was able to catch the jackpot. Instead, one player took home the $1 million second tier prize, and the jackpot is now estimated to be worth $455 million for the next draw on Saturday.

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