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Being able to win a big lottery prize is a major triumph but a man from Lincoln County in Kansas, USA, won a $1m Mega Millions windfall in the March 16 draw but then lost his ticket before it was returned to him by a store clerk.

It was the brother of the delighted Mega Millions winner who checked the winning ticket at a gas station in Salinas. Then he dropped the unsigned ticket and he went home with his brother to watch the March Madness basketball match. Recently, Karen Harger from Iowa, USA, left behind her usual play-slip and ended up winning a $1m Powerball prize.

Luckily the Mega Millions ticket, which had been purchased from the Mity Mart gas station in Lincoln, Kansas, was found by a store clerk who checked the numbers and discovered it had won a million dollars. The ticket had matched the five main numbers – 01-13-26-33-52- but failed to match the Mega Ball 11 or it’d have won the $345m jackpot. The owner of the gas station was contacted and the search for the owner of the $1m winning Mega Millions ticket began.

Meanwhile, the winner was back at home oblivious to what was going on. After an hour he and his brother went out to run another errand and when passing the gas station were surprised when the owner’s son flagged them down. He explained what had happened and returned the Mega Millions ticket to the disbelieving winner. Not so lucky was a player from California, USA, who lost a $1m winning Powerball ticket and his winnings.

The store’s name hasn’t been revealed as the winner wants to remain anonymous just like the winner of a $3m Australian Powerball jackpot and fears revealing the store’s name might also reveal his identity. Recently we reported on the successful battle of the $559.7m Powerball winner from New Hampshire, USA, to remain anonymous.

Re-united with his million-dollar winning Mega Millions ticket, he kept it safe, though probably not hidden in a bag of flour as $1m Mega Millions winner Fred Morgan from Michigan, USA, did. Then the relieved Kansas resident took his Mega Millions ticket to the Lottery offices in Topeka where he claimed his fantastic prize.

The next Mega Millions draw is on Friday March 23 with a massive $421m jackpot, the fifth largest in the history of the lottery.

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