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Three New York residents collected a total of $13m in winnings from the New York Lottery but for one nearly missed out on their big win.

Misty Morano, 43, from Cortlandt, won a $7m CASH4LIFE Jackpot in the March 19 draw. Her father thinks playing lotteries is a waste of money but not now. “I’m glad I didn’t listen to him this time,” Morano said After tax is paid, the CASH4LIFE winner will be left with $4.7m and plans to use her winnings to buy a new house and take care of her teenage sons and extended family.

Also receiving their cheque was 24-year-old Yonkers resident, Gabriel Rosado. He won $5m on a Set for Life scratch-off card and said he’ll share it with his close friend Juan Aldama Mendez. That’s just like David White from Maryland, USA, who shared his $50,000 Powerball win with a friend.

Rosado has been working 16-hour days, six days a week as a doorman. After chatting about what would happen if someone had a big win, he decided to buy a ticket and the Set for Life scratch card produced the big win. The pair will share nearly $2.6m once taxes are paid.

Gabriel currently lives with his mother but plans to buy a condo for himself add a new home for his mother. Welshman Jacob Hodge is also moving out of his mother’s home after a £1m National Lottery scratch card win. Rosado also wants to set up his own business, just as Belinda Poblete, also from New York, who set up a yogurt business after her $7m CASH4LIFE windfall.

Elizabeth Aprile, 48, from Elmsford, won $1m in the April 10 Mega Millions draw. Her winning Mega Millions ticket was purchased from a Pleasantville gas station but didn’t check the results and only did so when one of the employees, who knows Aprile tends to let her tickets pile up before checking them. told her of the big Mega Millions win. Recently, we told you of an Irish woman who stockpiled tickets and nearly missed out on a €35,584 Irish Lotto win. A player in South Carolina, USA, found a $1m winning Powerball ticket a month after the draw.

The lucky Mega Millions player will receive a net cheque of $671,800 and plans to use her winnings to help her children and her retirement. She does intend giving herself some treats with an extra trip or two to the Spa.

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