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A lottery retailer in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, was celebrating with a local lottery player recently as he found out he’d won $50,000 while right there in the store.

The lottery player, whose name was not revealed, told lottery officials that he enjoys buying lottery tickets and always puts his spare change aside to enable him to buy them regularly. “I always get a Powerball ticket on Wednesdays and Saturdays,” he said, before admitting that he has won a $10,000 previously, and $5,000 once. A New Zealand Powerball winner credited a lucky feeling with his $10.3 million win.

The lucky Powerball player said that he feels quite lucky when it comes to buying lottery tickets, and that luck didn’t change last month when he bought a Quick Pick ticket for a drawing, and then took it back into the same store a few days later to get it checked. “When I asked the cashier to check my ticket, his eyes got super big,” the lottery winner said. “He checked it again and whispered to me that I’d won.” A store in Dublin was recently celebrating after they sold a winning EuroMillions ticket to a local customer.

Despite the store employee’s secrecy, the Powerball winner said that he was so shocked, he couldn’t keep the good news to himself. “I told all the employees and all the customers that were around,” he said. “Everyone was shaking my hand and clapping for me. It was fun.” A man from Workington in England found out about his good luck on the UK Lotto while he was in the middle of the store full of people.

The winning Powerball ticket was purchased from and checked at Montgomery Plaza Liquors on Baltimore National Pike in Baltimore. The new $50,000 winner said that he may well use the winnings to fulfil a dream that he has had for a few years. Earlier this year we told you about another Maryland Powerball player who won $50,000 thanks to a change of tactic.

“I have a bill of two to take care of with this, but most is going to an account I’ve established with a partner to open a new business, and this might just push us to the amount we need,” the Powerball winner said. Another Maryland man was set to launch a new business after his $50,000 scratchcard win earlier this year.

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