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It was a successful weekend for players in Europe with a €51.316m SuperEnalotto jackpot and a £17.1m UK Lotto top prize both won on Saturday evening.

Thursday’s Bonoloto draw produced a jackpot win of €1,150.282,61. Saturday’s draw produced a €147.699,55 runner-up.

Friday’s EuroMillions draw had a top prize of £14,69m but no tickets could match 14-25-39-41-44 and the two Lucky Stars 02 and 08. Two tickets sold in Belgium won the second-tier prize of €474,168. Tuesday’s draw has a £21m jackpot with players hoping to follow in the footsteps of recent Irish €17m EuroMillions jackpot winners.

The EuroJackpot top prize is still at its maximum €90m. There was another rollover on Friday with the elusive numbers being 16-24-33-35-43 and the two EuroNumbers 06 and 07. There were 11 winners of the runners-up prize with each receiving €2.173.407.10.

In the USA, the Mega Millions top prize was $192m top prize but it’ll be $211m on Tuesday. The numbers that led to a rollover were 02-06-11-27-44 and the Mega Ball 20. One ticket sold in Georgia, USA, won $1m by matching the five main balls just like Jennifer Perez from New York who also won $1m playing Mega Millions.

Saturday’s great run of luck began with the SuperEnalotto jackpot of €51.316.029,80 jackpot being won. The winning numbers were: 17-29-55-57-70 and the Jolly 72. There were 45 ‘system’ tickets with that number with winners coming from all over Italy including five in Casal Fiumanense. Each share will receive around 900,000 euros. On Tuesday, the jackpot will be €6.6m.

The UK Lotto jackpot was also won, the numbers drawn were: 01-10-15-25-31-47 and the Bonus Ball 53. One ticket matched the six main balls to win £17,196,314 and has already claimed their prize. It’s the latest big win after Donna and David Strickley landed a £21m UK Lotto jackpot. On Wednesday, the jackpot will be £1,.8m.

There was also a jackpot winner in Saturday’s Thunderball draw just like Welsh couple Colin and Allison Wright who also won a £500,000 Thunderball top prize.

The Powerball draw had a jackpot of $40m after a ticket sold in Oregon won the top prize on Wednesday. The numbers drawn on Saturday were: 16-29-43-45-56 and the Powerball 25. There were four second-tier winners with two of the tickets sold in Louisiana and the others in Nebraska and Texas.  Recently a syndicate of workers from Indiana, USA, won $1m playing Powerball. On Wednesday, the jackpot will be $50m.

There were two winners of the runners-up prize in Saturday’s Lotto 6 aus 49 draw. Both receive €1.155.604,80. The La Primitiva draw on Saturday failed to produce a jackpot winner and the top prize on Thursday is €54.5m. Sunday’s Lotto 6 aus 45 draw saw a second-tier win of €191.081,50.

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